Carleton University Quantum Information Technology (cuQIT) Lab

You have reached the homepage of the Carleton University - Quantum Information Technology (cuQIT) group led by Professor Connor Kupchak. Our research focuses on the developing light-based quantum technologies to serve as the components of the future quantum internet.

Our lab is located in VSIM3228A, please contact us if you want to come by and check it out! Carleton University is situated in Canada’s beautiful Capital region, Ottawa.

We are currently looking for new PhD students and Master students to join us! (more info) !

We are grateful for funding from NSERC and from the NRC.


20. August 2021

Congrats to our summer co-op students Laurence and Tawseef on completing their work terms.

16. August 2021

Warm welcome to our new postdoc Abubaker Tareki.

6. August 2021

Government of Canada funding research collaborations for breakthrough technologies, learn more

1. May 2021

After a long covid hibernaton the cuQIT lab is starting!

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