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Physical simulation of thin film processing, and thermal, electrical, and electromagnetic phenomena. This work has lead to the development of a suite of physical software tools (SIMBAD/3D-FILMS/Atar) marketed world-wide for simulation and modeling of material parameters and device characteristics of microelectronic systems, nano-structured materials and thin films. Work is ongoing in the development of an multi-energy domain opto-electronic simulator (Optispice) in collaboration with Optiwave (Ottawa).


The SIMBAD simulation suite has been widely applied in the development of Silicon chip technology and in the creation of nano-structured thin films. Optispice has a wide variety of applications in optical, sensor and telecommunications systems.


  • Ongoing collaborations with a number of international (IBM) and local companies (Optiwave)

Journal Articles

D. Celo, P. Gunupudi, R. Khazaka, D. Walkey, T. Smy, and M. Nakhla (2005), “The Creation of Compact Thermal Models of Electronic Components Using Model Reduction,” IEEE Journal on Advanced Packaging (publication pending).

D. Celo, P. Gunupudi, R. Khazaka, D. Walkey, T. Smy, and M. Nakhla (2005), “Fast Simulation of Steady-State Temperature Distributions in Electronic Components using Multi-Dimensional Model Reduction,” IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies (publication pending).

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