Robert Gauthier

Associate Professor
4146 Mackenzie Building
613-520-2600 ext. 5808

About Robert Gauthier


Photonic crystals and photonic quasi-crystals bandgap and defect state engineering; laser trapping, manipulation, orientation and ablation of micron sized objects; simulation software development for physics end engineering applications. Facilities include silicon photonic optical and electrical characterization laboratory; silicon photonic electro-optical device fabrication laboratory (CUMFF); computation network.


Photonic crystal and quasi-crystal research focuses on integrated optic device designs for optical communications and biosensing applications as well as fundamental research in theoretical foundations of bandgaps in circularly symmetric dielectric structures. Laser trapping is used for the activation of micro-mechanical machines, cell sorting and periodic material assembly.


  • Member of editorial board of Journal Optics and Laser Technology

Department of Electronics
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Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6

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