Niall Tait

4158 Mackenzie Building
613-520-2600 ext. 4452

About Niall Tait


Micro-fabrication and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); thin film processing materials and technologies; silicon and MEMS sensors; MEMS and sensor integration with CMOS signal conditioning circuitry; RF and microwave MEMS devices; infrared sensing and imaging; silicon
photonic and plasmonic devices; amorphous semiconductor devices; micro-fluidic effects and devices.


Optical and wireless communication and interconnect components, infrared cameras, gas sensors, biomedical sensors.

Journal Articles

A.H.Z. Ahmed, and R.N. Tait (2005), “Noise Behavior of Amorphous GexSi1-xOy for Microbolometer Applications,” Infrared Physics and Technology in press (publication pending).
Conference Publications

C.R. Raum, R.N. Tait, and R.C. Gauthier, “Fabrication and characterization of a thermomechanically tunable grating-assisted waveguide filter,” Photonics West, Jan 2008.

F. Saleh, and R.N. Tait, “Integration of a micro-bolometer with a CMOS read-out circuit,” Canadian Workshop on MEMS, Aug 2007.

D. Landheer, W. Jiang, G. Lopinski, A. Rankin, G. Tarr, N. Tait, M. Shinwari, and M. Deen, “Post-processing of CMOS chips for bioFET DNA sensor array,” Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conference, Aug 2007.

Book Contributions

N. Scales, and R.N. Tait (2008), “Modeling electrosmotic flow in microchannels containing porous media,” in A. Szymczyk, eds., Surface Electrical Phonomena in Membranes and Microchannels, Transworld Research Network.

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