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Chancellor Professor
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Antenna structures, millimeter-wave circuits, phase-locked circuits, and transceiver architectures for wireless/satellite communications, radar, and radio navigation. Fresnel zone plate antennas, and artificial microwave volume hologram antennas for low profile apertures. Lower-ground coplanar waveguide transmission lines for millimeter-wave silicon based integrated circuits. Monolithic micro-machined resonators for millimeter-wave oscillators. GaN power-amplifier linearization circuits, and hybrid RF/digital feed-forward fi lters for frequency agile base-station transceivers. Spoofing/anti-spoofing of the synchronization circuits in GPS receivers.


Wireless and satellite communications; radar surveillance, tracking and imaging; GPS and radio navigation.


  • Consultant, Chief Scientist, and Principal Architect for several wireless companies, including Kaben Wireless Silicon, IceFyre Semiconductor, BelAir Networks, and Aurora Wireless
  • Joint researcher with the Communications Research Center, and the Defence Research & Development Canada, Ottawa

Journal Articles

S. Stout-Grandy, A. Petosa, I.V. Minin, O.V. Minin, J.S. Wight, “Low-Profile Fresnel Zone Plate Antennas”, IEEE Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 50, No. 8, Aug 2008, pp. 2039-2043.

S. McLelland, A. Grobnic, R. James, J.S. Wight, M. Stubbs, “Micromachined Hemishperoidal Cavity Resonators” IEEE Trans on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol. 56, No. 4, April 2008, pp. 982-990.


A.N. Birkett, and J.S. Wight (2007), “Up/Down Conversion Circuitry for Radio Transceiver,” United States patent #7,194,044.

J.S. Wight, “Computational Circuits and Methods for Processing Modulated Signals Having Non-Constant Envelopes”, United States Patent No. 7,127,005

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