The Hidden Cost of Ground in Electronic Interconnects

Heidi Barnes
Friday, October 11, 2019
11am - 12pm
ME4124, Mackenzie Eng. Building, Carleton University


The world of high speed digital electronics is running at microwave frequencies and simple analysis with Ohms Law for V=IR fails to predict the signal and power integrity.  In this talk we will learn the importance of proper ground and how electronic circuits care about return path and impedances.  Using the telegrapher challenges of impedance and reflections at high frequencies are explained. Reflections and impedance resonances can easily degrade both the signal integrity of digital data transmission and the power integrity of the circuit.  Simulation can provide insights and methods to optimize the impedance of an electronic interconnect, but is often suspect for accuracy.  Measurement is required for final pass/fail validation of a design, but how it is measured can degrade/load the performance. In this talk you will learn how simulation and measurement together provide a powerful set of tools for designing, validating, and troubleshooting high speed digital electronics.

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