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Photonic devices — modelling and design of novel photonic switches, attenuators and modulators especially for planar optical integrated circuits; RF/microwave devices and circuits — modelling of electronic devices and circuit design (microwave and monolithic microwave integrated circuits) at RF and microwave frequencies for wireless applications; optical control of microwave circuits — use of optics to tune and control microwave devices and circuits.

Journal Articles

S. Ng, S. Janz, W.R. McKinnon, P. Barrios, A. Delage, and B. Syrett (2007), “Performance Optimization of a Reconfigurable Waveguide Digital Optical Switch on InGaAsP-InP: Design, Material and Carrier Dynamics,” IEEE J. Quantum Electronics 43(12): 1147-1158.

Conference Publications

K.P. Yap, J. Lapointe, B. Lamontagne, A. Delage, S. Janz, and B. Syrett, “Process Development of Integrated SOI Star Couplers for Waveguide Scattering Loss Measurement,” SPIE Symposium on Microelectronics, MEMS, and Nanotechnology, Dec 2007.

K. P. Yap, A. Delage, B. Lamontagne, S. Janz, D.-X. Xu, J. Lapointe, P. Waldron, J. Schmid, P. Chow-Chong, E. Post, and B. Syrett, “Scattering Loss Measurement of SOI Waveguides Using 5×17 Integrated Optical Star Coupler,” SPIE Proc. Photonics West, Feb 2007.

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