Wireless Power Transfer and the Internet of Things: Design, Fabrication, Optimization and Scientific Machine Learning

Dr Homa Arab
Thursday, October 7, 2021
3:00 pm
Zoom Meeting


The main objective of this research program consists is designing an efficient wireless
power transfer (WPT) system for powering and transferring data to Internet of Things (IoT)
devices. A numerical strategy for the discretization of the full-wave Maxwell’s equations
in the time domain that is accurate, fast, and robust is needed for the analysis of the
electromagnetic propagation, radiation, scattering and coupling of these WPT systems.
Using multiple coils and a metamaterial slab is the solution proposed by many researchers
to increase the efficiency of WPT systems, which makes the design and the numerical
modeling of these systems complex. A three-dimensional (3D) mesh with a large number
of degrees of freedom (DoF) must therefore be used to discretize the complex geometries
associated with these WPT systems. Another challenge comes from the wave propagation
properties of the materials used to make the devices. Actual devices are designed based on
oversimplified physical models that neglect important physics, for practical reasons, which
can explain why these systems only provide very low efficiency. In this work, a novel
optimization strategy known as scientific machine learning (SciML) will be included in the
numerical methodology. A ML model will be implemented, using a deep reinforcement
learning (DRL) approach, to optimize the use of computational resources to reduce
simulation costs. The developed SciML-based numerical model will be verified and
validated based on our experimental and numerical results. The computed numerical results
will be analyzed and classified using a ML model, using a convolutional neural network


Homa Arab received her master’s degree in telecommunications engineering from
Polytechnique Montreal, and her Ph.D. degree in telecommunications from Institut
Unnational de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) – Centre Energie Materiaux
Telecommunications, Montreal, Canada. She worked for the Moshanir Company, in the
Control and Protection Department, from 2005 to 2011. She is currently working for MDA
as a RF/Microwave design engineer from July 2021. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Ecole
Polytechnique de Montreal for three years. She received a Ph.D. fellowship from NSERC
in 2015-2018, and a postdoctoral fellowship from FQRNT from 2018-2021. She is
selected to receive funding under the 2021 IVADO postdoctoral research funding program
in data science and artificial intelligence. Her current research interests are microwave and
millimeter-wave circuit design, transmitter and receivers, radar signal and image
processing, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

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