Carleton’s Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering

Carleton’s new program in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering is in the exciting position of training graduates for a major industry of the future.  No other industry is generating such intense interest in Society as green renewable energy. We are at an historical moment where sustainable and renewable energy is finally moving from lab into commercial reality, promising profound change in the life of every human. The program will train students to solve the grand challenges facing society by working in areas such as smart grids and distributed power generation. The use of these smart grids, with energy generation by large number of solar panels , wind turbines and energy storages distributed across the nation will revolutionize the power industry; transforming the conventional grid where energy is produced by hydro, thermal and nuclear power plants. Students will be immersed in the science and technologies of smart grids and renewable energy sources, learning how to control the dynamic energy flows presented in a grid powered by cleaner sources, and mastering the knowledge of developing an ’internet’ of smart devices for sensing and control across the power grid.

The students in this program are expected to grow into a new generation of engineering professionals and leaders who will build, operate and manage the new infrastructure of the green revolution in energy that is sure to come. Graduates of the program will be ideally suited to fill positions in the new industrial sectors of renewable energy and also to fill more traditional Power Engineering positions. Many industrial positions are expected to be opening up in the next 5-10 years due to the aging workforce in the North American power industry.

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