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About Alan Steele

Research Interests

Engineering education.
Learning spaces.
Nonlinear optical fibre; optical switching; optical bistability and instabilities; fibre gratings; mode-locking of fibre lasers; simulation of photonic systems.
Microcontroller systems for biomedical and unmanned airborne systems.


Engineering education: Development of undergraduate courses, including curriculum, delivery and assessment. Especially with design or project courses.
Learning spaces: Design and development of informal learning spaces including virtual learning spaces.
Nonlinear optical fibre: Optical pulse generation and shaping. Optical switching, bistability and instability or chaos.
Microcontroller systems: Application in gait analysis.


•    Director for the Discovery Centre for Undergraduate Research and Engagement, Carleton University, 2013 - 2019.
•    Interim Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), Carleton University, 2012.
•    Special Assistant to the Provost, Student Academic Enrichment, Carleton University, 2011 - 2013.
•    Associate Dean Student Affairs, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University,2008-2010.
•    First Year Officer in Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University, 2007 - 2008.


•    Faculty of Engineering and Design Teaching Excellence Award, 2018 - Carleton University.
•    3M National Teaching Fellow, 2017.
•    Carleton University Service Excellence Award, 2013.
•    Ontario Confederation of University Teaching Association’s Teaching Award, 2010-2011.
•    Provost Teaching Fellowship, 2011 - Carleton University.
•    Teaching Achievement Award, 2007 - Carleton University.

Selected Contributions

Book Chapters

Informal Learning Spaces in Libraries, A. L. Steele, M. Haines and V. Critchley, Exploring informal learning space in the university: a collaborative approach, Eds. G. Matthews and G. Walton, Routledge (2018).

Nonlinear Optical Fibre Resonators with Applications in Electrical Engineering and Computing, S. Lynch and A.L. Steele, Applications of Chaos and Non-linear Dynamics in Engineering, Eds. Santo Banerjee, Mala Mitra and Lamberto Rondoni, Springer (2011).

Conference Presentations

Elements of Experiential Learning in an Engineering Project Course, A.L. Steele, Conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), Université de Sherbrooke (2018).

Developing Student Meta-Cognition in a Design Course, A.L. Steele, Canadian Engineering Education Association Conference, Vancouver (2018).

Evolving Interest in using an Informal Learning Space for Formal Teaching, P. Ricketts, C. Schramm and A. L. Steele, INTE 2016, International Conference on New Horizons in Education, Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, July 13-15, (2016).

Integrating Technology in Revitalized Academic Libraries, S. Browne, V. Critchley, M. Haines and A. L. Steele, The 2014 Annual Institute on the Library as Place: Revitalize Your Library!, Ontario Library Association, London, ON, July 10-11, (2014).

Low-Cost, Rapid Prototyping of IMU and Pressure Monitoring System using an Open Source Hardware Design, L. Russell, A.L. Steele and R. Goubran, 2012 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Graz, Austria, May 13-16 (2012)

Stride time estimation: realtime peak detection implemented on an 8- bit, portable microcontroller, L. Russell, A.L. Steele and R. Goubran, 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications (MeMeA), Budapest, Hungary, May 18-19 (2012)

Journal Articles

Evolving Interest in using an Informal Learning Space for Formal Teaching, A. L. Steele, C. Schramm and P. Ricketts, The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, November Special Issue, pp939-947, (2016).

Nonlinear dynamics of a passively mode-locked fiber laser containing a long-period fiber grating, A.S. Karar, A.L. Steele and T. Smy, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 44, pp254-261, (2008).

A tunable nonlinear optical loop mirror with feedback using linear highly birefringent fiber in the loop, C.A. Merchant and A.L. Steele, Optics Communication, 258, pp288-294, (2006).


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