Alan Steele

Associate Professor
4144 Mackenzie Building
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About Alan Steele


Nonlinear optical fibre; optical switching; optical bistability and instabilities; fibre gratings; mode-locking of fibre lasers; simulation of photonic systems. Engineering education research.


Nonlinear properties of optical fib

re that provide a route to optical pulse generation and shaping; fibre structures such as gratings or rings that allow further control and manipulation of optical pulses; uses in optical communications or optical sensors. Engineering education research activities are focused on the use of new technology in teaching, project work, and design education.


  • Provost Teaching Fellow – awarded (2011)
  • Founding member of the Canadian Engineering Education Association (2010)
  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs (2008-2010)

Journal Articles

A.S. Karar, T. Smy, and A.L. Steele (2008), “Nonlinear dynamics of a passively mode-locked fiber laser containing a long-period fiber grating,” IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 44(3): 254-261.

Conference Publications

A. S. Karar, A.L. Steele, and T. Smy, “Object-orientated numerical simulation of a passively modelocked fiber laser,” Photonics North, Jun 2007.

A.S. Karar, A.L. Steele, and T. Smy, “Raman Self-Frequency Shift in a Passively Mode-Locked Fibre Laser containing a Long-Period Fibre Grating,” Nonlinear Photonics, Sep 2007.

W. Wang & A.L. Steele, “Characteristics of Auxiliary Synchronization in Optical Fiber Ring Resonators,” Photonics North 2006 2006 (publication pending).

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